Faith Everard is a Melbourne-based writer, a student of film and a keen cinephile. She is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Arts at The University of Melbourne. She is also the Producer and Editor of the podcast for the film criticism show Plato’s Cave on 3RRR (102.7 FM) weekly. The programme is hosted by film critics Thomas CaldwellCerise HowardAlexandra Heller-Nicholas, and Emma Westwood.

Faith was a participant in the 2017 MIFF Critics Campus, where she enjoyed writing film criticism in a live festival setting and was mentored by The Monthly’s music and arts critic Anwen Crawford. Faith has also been a juror at the 2017 Czech and Slovak Film Festival of Australia. As a film critic, Faith has written for 4:3, Senses of Cinema, the MIFF Blog and the ABC Online. Faith has been featured on a number of podcasts, including Plato’s Cave and Critical Attention. She has also interviewed filmmaker Gillian Armstrong, and has forthcoming writing appearing in Diabolique Magazine and Cinemaniacs Presents.

Faith became a passionate film-goer and lover of horror at an early age, probably because she accidentally watched Watership Down aged four. She revels in meticulously analysing every detail of a scene. She is strongly committed to the idea of independent, unique film criticism, which she aims to present here on The Fourth Wall.